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Welcome to Touching Your World Ministries.  At Touching Your World, we believe that the Gospel message must be told to everyone around the world.  We also believe that every person regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, status or occupation has an exciting call on their lives to be an important part of advancing the Kingdom of God through preaching the Great Commission.

Pam and Youdi Binda, Founders

Our Mission

Our Mission is to touch the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ demonstrated with practical acts of kindness through the Church.

Touching Your World has touched numerous lives around the world including:

  • Tens of thousands of people around the world yearly
  • over 30 countries
  • ...touching thousands of children and families yearly
  • ...impacting the lives of physically and mentally challenged
  • ...bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost
  • ...impacting churches globally

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